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The products are amazing! Love how the scalp food just melts in my hands and I’m able to distribute it around my scalp evenly
The sheen is great aswell. Love that it’s more like a water based spray than a sheen. Really moisturizes my scalp

Isis Bell-Sandy

My hair is stronger. The ends are not Notting together . The hair is more detangled than ever. My hair is softer and has more shine than before. My hair doesn’t dry out really fast like before when I wear it open. For this reason I am wearing my hair open whereas before, it was not possible. I had colour damage breakage dryness and my hair was Notting together and taking hours to detangled. With this system my hair has-been repaired and moisturised. It continues to build my hair stronger every day, I have less breakage on the ends and I’m looking forward to growing my hair.

Sandra Lawes

My hair is locked so I was wondering how it would affect the locks.
Hair was left malible, not weight down, no itching which I have expected in the past when washing it.
Full and not flat. Love the look and feel.

Christine Guishard