About Us

HAIREX EXPO is a comprehensive programme of afro hair shows, competitions, roundtables, business seminars, education workshops, vendors and interactive sessions for consumer insights.

Derek Clement Academy

The 9 principles of Afro Hair trends (bald, braid, locks, afro, coils/curls, weaves/wigs/wrap, kinks, straight ) were devised by Derek DeCutter Clement.

The Derek Clement Academy enhances the natural hair movement by providing expert information, practical advice and professional support through HairEx LIVE, Hair Rejuvenation Clinics, Children’s HairCare Education and “Let’s Talk Hair Excellence”.

 Haircare & Beauty Industries Cluster

The cluster concept has gained prominence as an economic policy tool aimed to foster innovation and the growth of a competitive private sector.

Clusters of SMEs through supply chain collaboration play a critical role in promoting International Trade as a tool for local economic development.

Transforming Local Communities Roundtable

Transforming Local Communities focus on developing strategies for supporting young people who act as change agents that satisfy current and future demands for the latest trends and Afro Fashions within the Haircare & Beauty Industries.

Haircare & Beauty Industries Cluster provides Business Support for young people by providing access to companies, business owners and entrepreneurs with opportunities to gain transferable 21st Century Skills, work experience, creative Industries mentorship, apprenticeships and role models with a proven track record of achievement.